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May 2012



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May. 19th, 2012



~ German Lolita looking for a Pen Pal ~

Name: My real name is Victoria Charlotte, but most people call me Vicky.

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Location: Cologne, Germany

Interests: My acting lessons,  books and magazines, history, my cats, Audrey Hepburn movies, drawing, music, sewing, Tea Parties and Meet-Ups, Asia in general,  fashion, blogs, learning new languages, traveling, flowers and gardens, Lolita as a lifestyle, dancing, dinner parties, shopping, Etiquette ... and a lot more.

Your Style: I mostly wear Lolita of course, and then I wear Classic Lolita. But I love trying out new styles. If I'm going to a picnic, I like Country Lolita too. I also like Aristocrat and Han-Lolita, which I want to wear if I get some money to buy new things. Besides Lolita, I like Dolly Kei, Otome and Mori Girl in Japanese Fashion and when I just go casual like in school, I like Korean Fashion, which can also look cute and elegant.

About You: I'm in a gymnasium in year 8 at the moment. I've been interested in Lolita for a very long time now and started wearing it in March. I only now a few Lolitas here, but sadly I can't meet them often and they're also mostly older than me. I want to live in Lolita Lifestyle some day. My grandparents live in the UK, so my parents and I often visit them in my holidays. I also was in Hong Kong and Australia in 2011. The languages I can speak fluently are German and English. I'm learning Latin and French in school.

Looking for: I'd preferably like a penpal between 13~18, but it's not as important as that you're nice and have similar interests like me. You can be from anywhere in the world, I just love to get to know people from other countries! We can start with sending e-mails, but then we can also send letters. I really hope to find a good friend who shares my interests.
If you're interested in being my penpal and friend, comment here and I'll give you my e-mail adress.

Apr. 27th, 2012


British London Lolita looking for a penpal

Name: My friends who aren't from my school call me Avery, but my real name is Naomi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Location: London, England

Interests: Baking, Sewing, Singing, Dancing, Hosting dinner parties, Learning new things, Researching interesting events in history, playing instruments, listening to music, attempting to learn new languages, learning things about different cultures.

Your style: I love to wear a sort of bittersweet, or sweet style of Lolita. I tend to alternate between both styles with some classic or gothic occasionally too. I'd love to be able to wear Lolita everyday but between wearing my school uniform and having to wear a dance/sports uniform, I don't get much of a chance apart from the weekends.

About you: I'm in school at the moment, and even though I hate my school, I really love learning.  I haven't been wearing Lolita for a very long time, but I've been interested in it for several years. I know a few lolitas in London but I'd like to talk to another lolita from a different part of the UK or a different part of the world. 

Looking for: I'd preferably like a penpal between 13 and 19, who shares similar interests. I don't mind a penpal from anywhere in the world. I'd love to be able to send snail mail, because I love the magic of receiving a letter in the mail, but I don't mind using email, IM or LJ.

If you're interested in being penpals, contact me on livejournal and I'll give you my email address x

Apr. 22nd, 2012


Dutch lolita looking for a penpal

Interests:Movies, reading, travelling, ballroom dancing, shopping
Your Style:Classic and sweet lolita
About You:
Hi, I'm Deborah, a 19 year old student from Holland. I'm studying International Business Administration and would like to focus my further studies on Asia. Therefore, I would prefer a pen pal from Asia, who would like to share both lolita talk and information about the country you live in. In return I can tell you anything about Holland, including Amsterdam ^^
I am also interested in lolitas from other international countries, the farther the better actually ;)
I would prefer snail mail, but if cost might be a problem we could (start) use email.
I have no religion and have no problem with people who have, but I won't be able to join a conversation about religions.
Hope to hear from you!

Feb. 12th, 2012


High School Lolita looking for a penpal

  Hi, I'm a lolita in high school. I'm just getting started in building up my lolita wardrobe, but I've been interested in lolita for years now. I live in the midwest and there are not a lot of people around here who share my interests. I think snail-mail letter writing is a lost art and I would love to make a new friend who I can relate to :3 I know I'm young, which may be off-putting to some, however I am very precocious and mature (that sounded terribly snobby...).
  My interests are painting, occasionally playing the guitar, music in general, art in general, literature and reading, and of course Japanese culture and fashion. I hope to be an English teacher and am very interested in literature, reading, and writing :) 
  I've read a few posts on here asking for Christian pen pals, so I should probably just say that I am agnostic and not going to be a good outlet for someone who is more religious. If you are looking for a fellow Christian pen pal, that is great! Sadly, I am not the person for the job. I just want to prevent anyone from getting disappointed. 
  I really am mostly interested in sweet lolita and also a bit of fairy kei, but I like classic as well. I'd really really love a fellow lolita pen pal who has some things in common with me and some things that differ from me. Thanks so much and reply if you're interested <3

Jan. 18th, 2012

white girl, happy girl, Areil, vibrant


Life Long Friendships

Name: Christen
Age: 21
Location: California, USA
I'm Seeking: Someone around my age so that maybe we can relate a bit more. Oh, and snail mail for sure! Someone who is real and fun, we dont always have to talk about Loli, tell me about yourself and how you live.  Anywhere you live is fine with me, as long as your english is good. Preferably a Christian.
Best thing about Loli is how perfect everything appears, it's like this fairytale I never want to leave.
Style and brands arn't so Important to me, I usually lean more towards Sweet but I love when you see a Loli and they just look amazing, no matter the color of their outfit, or how many bows or skulls they have. I just like when people are creative and make it look unique.
Interest: Story making, Fashion clothing, Dancing, Dressing up,Video Games, Anime-Manga etc, Ice skating, Horseback riding, Everything about the Ocean, The Sky, hehe I could go on forever, but lets leave some for our letters :)
Hope to Hear from you, Christen

Dec. 30th, 2011


Local to International PP welcomed! Stationary swap also!

I am a soon-to-be 30 y.o. lolita.  I am also a mother of a 7 y.o. boy and wife to a 38 y.o. husband.  I own a small business that I run from my home.  I am also a housewife by choice.

The afformentioned is what has gotten me and lost me (mysteriously) penpals in the past.  I have been lucky to have a couple that I facebook alot.  Which, is nice, but that is not what I am realy looking for.

I want a true lady of letters to have as a pen pal.  I get a special thrill to know that I am sharing a peice of me with someone of simular lifestyles/ interests and that they like me will send one in return.

I have no problem with younger or older than myself ladies but the one, if the gap is too far we tend to find we are at different points in our lives and eventually the PPship is disolved.

I am looking for that pen pal that will send delightful, insighful and informative letters and keep it up.  I am a reasonable person and only ask that if you find that I am not your kind, you simply give me the curtiosy of letting me know in what will be, in effect, your last letter.  I do not like to be led on and therefore do not want to be lead on myself.

I am a Christian and love my relationship with my Lord.  I bring this up because He may come up as the/ part of the topic in a letter every now and then.  This puts off potential penpals because they don't want to be "preached to".  I assure you, the last time I checked, my species was human and no where near celestial.

If I haven't scared you off yet, please send me a msg with your address.  I will write to you promptly.  Thank you for your time.

Sep. 17th, 2011

gothic lolita, japan, music, ayu


hi :) looking for friends in europa

Name: my real name is thania and on lj akiko
Age: i'm 19 years young
Gender: female  
Location: Switzerlaand ;D
I like art, mangas, doramas and k-pop 
my style is...hm..comfi? i don't know i love the asian-style and try to wear/ mix up.
about me..hm...i'm half spanish, and my english isn't rly good...but i try to do my best. So i'm looking for other gurls to write at.
to speak about girlish things and other stuff ;D
atm i'm in a apprendiship as a media designer.
would like to write with you!
(specially if you're from uk)

leave a comment and i'll sent you my e-mail address :3

thania <3

Sep. 14th, 2011


Looking for a friend in europe (other places ok as well)

Situated in Finland, 29-years old "loli-rococo-something-quaintrelle". 
Currently sitting at home and waiting for emails from boyfriend who's working at sea. Bored. Need friends!

Old-fashioned, history-geek, loved 18th century BEFORE Marie-antoinette came in 2006, thinks marie-antoinette can NEVER get old and boring. Loves eclectic music, tries to learn deutsch and hausfrau-skills, collects too many fabcs and craft-stuff. Kind-hearted and loyal (what's been said of me). Would like penpals who to share thoughts with and maybe even go shopping with one day or have a picnic in a park in rococo-wear. I think i have a lot to offer in a friendship.

Would be especially nice to hear girls from middle-europe, germany (my bf and relatives are from there) and all over in europe, I have a dream of travelling in north and east-Europe and Germanic countries one day.

Even a short message brightens my day.

Sep. 11th, 2011



Looking For Mods

Dearest Lolitas,

Please comment on this post, if you would like to be a mod for this comm. Ideally, I'm looking for a mod or two for every time zones.

Aug. 1st, 2011


Awkward little Asian in need of a penpal! [CLOSED]

Name: Patricia, but my Lolita name is Middy. On youtube, I'm callmeonederful (: Age: Fourteen (I love writing out numbers.) Gender: Female Location: California, USA [originally from the Philippines :D] Interests: ART! That's everything aesthetically pleasing, including fashion, makeup, film, paintings, and basically any other form of art. I particularly love morbid and macabre art. :3 I also love sewing, MUSIC, literature, cooking, vlogging/blogging; the list is endless. Favorite brands: Moi Meme Moitie, Putumayo, Metamorphose, Black Peace Now, BTSSB, alice auaa, Angelic Pretty... So, basically, a little bit of everything lol. Your style: Currently, I'm a gothic/punk lolita and sometimes kodona. When I'm not in Lolita, I usually dress in gothic or punk inspired "normal" clothes. I'm against following the norm, and I'm allll for setting trends as opposed to following them. Aside from gothic and punk, I'd also like to delve into gurololi, Shiro Lolita, Hime, wa and qiloli, and perhaps sweet Lolita. About you: I've known about Lolita for quite some time now, but I still consider myself a beginner Lolita because I hardly have a Lolita wardrobe. Lately, I've been spending most of my time building up my knowledge about the Lolita community, as well as handmaking my own clothes. :3 I do believe I'm a bit more mature than I should be, considering my age, but it could just be a slight case of narcissism. Heehee? I'm not saying I don't have a tendency to be quirky and silly, I just prefer a more sophisticated way of living. I love the Renaissance way of life; I wish I had the chance to experience that upper-class style of living. On another note, I have a mad (hatter ;3) obsession with beauty, and I try to live life through the eyes of an artist. OH, and I'm VEGAN! I'm all about the world, eco-friendliness, and all those good ol' tree-hugger morals. :) Looking for: Anyone! I love meeting new people, and I'd really appreciate a new friend in the Lolita community with similar interests. Not necessarily the same style, since opposites do attract! Hopefully someone who appreciates pretty handwritten letters and things of that nature. :3 I'd also like to perhaps video-chat via Skype from time to time. I don't really care much about their location, but not too far from the US so I don't have to pay much for stamps xD. Perhaps someone who sews as well, that way we can exchange tips and tricks and whatnot. Age I'm not so worried about; as long as you can deal with my teenage spaz! xD. Do contact me if you're interested! Either on LJ, or via e-mail: patriciathestrange@gmail.com Thank you for reading! n.n

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